She Wolf by Dan Smith

I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover Dan Smith was writing a book based in the Viking Age, especially when I discovered the main character was a girl. Dan’s books have a habit of transporting me rapidly into the action and keeping me on the edge of my seat until the very last page, and I do have a thing for historical fiction, so this was book heaven being served on a plate for me.

Dan Smith also has a huge fan base in our school; boys and girls who adore his style of action and adventure, who were as excited as I was when an early copy arrived. One in particular begged me to let him read it before anyone else, as he’d read everything else Dan has written. And, I hand over to him for this review…


She Wolf is about a young Viking girl called Ylva. We meet her hiding outside a trader’s hut in the forests of Northumberland. Her mum and dog went inside, followed by a man and woman, but her mum and dog didn’t come out.

When the strangers come out the woman is wearing her mum’s necklace and the two ride off. Ylva heads inside the hut and finds her dog next to her mum’s dead body. Being a Viking, she vows revenge on the strangers…

I loved She Wolf because it was full of action and adventure, with lots of plot twists. My favourite character was Bron – I liked that he was like a silent shadow sneaking through the story. 

Please keep writing books, you are really inspiring me and my friends to read. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for your next book.

Pupil Review, Year 5.

Huge thanks to my pupil reviewer for this brilliant review of She Wolf. I think he loved it as much as I did! In case you’re interested, here’s mine…


Cover illustration by Jill Calder

A bitter winter is blowing through Northumberland as Ylva finds herself alone following the death of her mother at the hands of the terrifying three-fingered man and the woman now wearing her mother’s necklace. She vows revenge at any cost. Wary of strangers, with no idea who to trust, will she find the enemy she seeks, or will this strange, new, frozen land destroy her first?

She Wolf is a breath taking, all action adventure that sucks you into the frozen forests of the past and holds you there throughout Ylva’s perilous quest.

Our heroine is as brave as she is naive when we first meet her, and grows in courage and strength as she learns about the land she travels and it’s inhabitants (both human and animal) as she seeks to honour Viking tradition.

And, it’s wonderful to see a female lead in a Viking tale, celebrating the Shield Maidens who were often as skilful and fearsome in battle as their male counterparts.

Great for fans of The 1000 Year Old Boy, Warrior In The Mist, and The Thieves of Pudding Lane.

Want to read an extract? Head over to Chicken House for a sneak peak…

Huge thanks to Chicken House for sending me a copy for review, and inviting me to take part in the She Wolf Blog Tour. Do make sure you check out Dan’s guest post, Pass Me My Axe, I’m Going In! as well as the other stops on the tour.



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