Tales Of Ancient Worlds: Adventures In Archaeology by Stefan Milosavljevich, illustrated by Sam Caldwell

Publication Date: 5 April 2022

The Blurb

What links shipwrecks, Egyptian treasure, and fossilized Viking poo? They’re all things that have been discovered by archaeologists!

Pick up your shovel and Indiana Jones hat and dive into the world of archaeology in this non-fiction kids’ book by YouTuber Stefan Milosavljevich. Alongside beautiful illustrations by Sam Caldwell you’ll find incredible tales from history, including:

  • The ancient Egyptian city found at the bottom of the ocean
  • The terracotta army that hid underground for 2,000 years
  • The mysterious Ice Age temple made from mammoth bones

Along the way you’ll also find out if you have what it takes to be an archaeologist, unearth (literally) groundbreaking scientific techniques, and meet the pioneering women and men who have brought the past back to life.

The Review

For anyone fascinated by the history of our world and the evidence that backs it up, Tales Of Ancient Worlds is an absolute must!

We start at the beginning of human history with a fantastic explanation of how we evolved before following archaeologists across the globe to discover the evidence for when humans or our descendants were first discovered on different continents.

Covering all of the ancient history topics we cover in school and more, this is one that deserves a place in every classroom (if you only have one, there will be fights over it). Sectioned into four main chapters, each double page spread is captivating for both the information, which is told in an engaging, narrative style and the stunningly detailed illustrations.

From empires to explorers, Stefan explains the process of archaeology and it’s importance in understanding a vast array about the cultures around the globe at different times in history, and is packed with mind blowing discoveries made by archaeologists . I loved learning about a letter of complaint found Ur, Mesopotamia, and how a very old coin from China ending up in a midden on Manda, on the Swahili coast. This is definitely a book for dipping into over and over again.

It is also a brilliant stepping stone for non-fiction readers to fiction based on the historical facts inside, like A.M. Howell’s The Secret Of The Treasure Seekers or Pippa Goodheart’s The Great Sea Dragon Discovery.

Huge thanks to Neon Squid for sending me a copy. You can take a look inside over at their website.


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