Firesong: A Brightstorm Adventure by Vashti Hardy

Publication Date: 5 May 2022

The Blurb

Arthur, Maudie, and the rest of the Aurora crew are going on a mission to the Volcanic North, where years before their parents discovered the moth that is their family symbol.

But their scheming, ambitious aunt, Eudora Vane, is still dedicated to destroying the Brightstorm family name, and the further north the Aurora travels, the more long-buried secrets are revealed…

The Review

It seems a long time ago that I joined the crew for the first Brightstorm adventure, and it was mixed emotions that I embarked on Arthur and Maudie’s final adventure – I desperately wanted to know what happened but didn’t want their adventure to end. What I will say is that I devoured it in one sitting and was left with chewed nails, goosebumps and tear stained cheeks. What a way to end the trilogy – deadly danger, plot twists a plenty and nefarious schemes combine to create a tantalizing mystery that pulls you along on a storm of emotions.

From the moment we are back in The Great Wide, Vashti brings her world to life in stunning detail. Whether you are in the streets of Lontown, aboard a skyship, or exploring the Volcanic North Islands, each setting is vivid, enticing and all encompassing. You can feel the rush of air past your cheeks, the stifling heat, the pinching cold, you can sense the excitement and fear, and you truly are an extra member of the crew on their journey observing and experiencing every detail of their adventure.

I loved meeting the new crew member. She was as sparky as the twins when we first met them, with a thirst for adventure. Through her we get to see just how much Arthur in particular has grown as a character, reflecting on his own behaviour in the past. We also get to see the twins growing up and setting their own course for their futures and the way this affects their relationship.

We are introduced to a new sapient creature, the most powerful yet, and see a divide growing amongst people who trust or fear them. Eudora uses this divide to put her new plan to discredit the Brightstorm name into action making the most of the fate the befell her and her crew in Darkwhispers. I wasn’t sure there could be anyone as slippery and deceitful as her in Lontown, but Vashti has cretaed one. That is all I will say though because, spoilers…

This is a trilogy that I will be shouting about for a long time to come with characters that will stay with me. I wish the Brightstorm twins the very best for their future and know that their legacy will live on in Lontown setting up a new generation of explorers to discover new mysteries and discoveries in The Great Wide.

Huge thanks to Scholastic for sending me a finished copy.


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