Cats In Chaos by Peter Bently and John Bond

Publication Date: 7 July 2022

The Blurb

In the dark of night, as their owners sleep, the cats of the city are all headed to one place: Catsby’s Great Circus! Step this way and see conjuring cats, felines that fly, Siamese that swing from above, and don’t miss the mighty PURRCULES CLAW. But with so much activity, it only takes one little mouse in the wrong place to put the whole circus in chaos…

The Review

Having utterly adored Dogs In Disguise, I was delighted to receive a copy of Cats In Chaos, and I was not disappointed.

Once again, we are treated to a highly entertaining, humorous look at the secret lives of one of our favourite pets. Peter takes their everyday antics and spins them into a fast-paced, fun-filled rhyming story packed with all of the best circus acts. Jugglers, acrobats, a dog tamer and cannon ball cat are just some of the hilarious acts all instantly distracted by a passing mouse.

John Bond’s fabulous illustrations bring the entertainers in Catsby’s Great Circus to life with bags of wit and warmth. Those of us old enough to remember a certain children’s TV cat will get a glorious surprise on one of the pages!

This is going to be a huge hit in school as it just begs to be read aloud. Children exploring for themselves will have hours of fun devouring the details in the illustrations – the expressions, the chaos, the carnage!

Huge thanks to Harper Collins Childrens for sending me a copy.


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