My Mum Is A Spy by Andy McNab and Jess French, illustrated by Nathan Reed

Publication Date: 18 August 2022

The Blurb

My mum is absolutely definitely 100% NOT a spy…

When Lucia and her dad come to stay for a week, Idris can’t believe his bad luck. He had prepared himself to share the TV remote and maybe some of his toys, but he hadn’t prepared himself for Lucia. Lucia LOVES spying and – worst of all – she is convinced that Idris’ mum is a spy. And that just can’t be true… can it?

But even Idris has to admit there is something a bit unusual about their family trip to the zoo. Were his eyes playing tricks on him, or did someone really drop something into Mum’s bag? And why is Budi the orangutan, who is normally so cheerful, suddenly off his food?

Maybe it’s time for some spying, after all…

The Review

Perfect for younger readers looking to get stuck into longer chapter books, My Mum Is A Spy is fast paced, fact filled, fun spy-fest.

We meet blended family siblings Idris and Lucia as they venture to the zoo with Sarah, Idris’s mum to meet David, Lucia’s dad the day after the pangolins have been stolen. Where Lucia is loud, launches feet first into everything, looking for adventure, Idris is calm, considered and careful in his actions. I loved the mention of Lucia’s extra battery for her hearing aid. Together, they make a great team, just as Andy and Jess do with the writing.

Jess’s passion and knowledge about wildlife shines throughout the story, questioning whether zoos are a good or bad thing for the animals they house. The facts about the animals in the South Asian house were blended perfectly into the story. Andy’s knowledge of covert operations makes the observations Lucia notes about Sarah, and then others in the story ring true, adding to the suspense and action as the two children race to save the day.

Nathan Reed’s humorous illustrations bring the characters and animals to life throughout the book.

The first in the series, I can’t wait to see what our new spies get up to next.

Great for fans of:

  • Vi Spy by Maz Evans
  • Agent Asha by Sophie Deen
  • Agents Of The Wild by Jennifer Bell

Huge thanks to Welbeck Kids for sending me a copy for review.


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