The Spectaculars by Jodie Garnish

Publication Date: 29 September 2022

The Blurb

When three figures arrive at Harper’s window in a flying canoe, informing her that she is due to start her apprenticeship, Harper discovers she is a Spectacular – a magical performer, gifted special powers from the stars.

Harper is thrilled to be part of the Spectaculars’ travelling theatre and boarding school, until everything is plunged into great danger.

With her new friends Trick and Thief, Harper sets out to save her school… But while dreams come true at the Wondria, nightmares might just be lurking in the wings.

The Review

Grab yourself a pot of your favourite brew and settle down for a highly imaginative hug of a book with a twist that I just didn’t see coming!

Just like Harper, excitement thrummed through me as I entered a whole new world through the hidden gateway. From the wonderous backdrops complete with blue leaved trees, to the cornucopia of varied and eccentric cast, awe and wonder fizz through the magical boarding school Harper now calls home. i loved seeing her discover more about the side of her life that had been hidden for so many years, and put her traits into action. Best friend, Trick, is a fabulous character, brimming with mischief and merriment, but with a healthy dose of common sense when most needed.

The world is complete with traditions, celebrations and superstitions that are a joy to join in with (ok, maybe not the lake) and as with any good boarding school, the food is plentiful and mouth-wateringly good. But not everything is as magical as it first seems. As with any school, in any world, there is always someone who takes pleasure in making life miserable for others, and where there is magic that brings joy, there is always a magician with darker intentions.

I loved visiting the library with the apprentices – I’ll let you discover its delights for yourself, and like Trick, I am a huge tea drinker – I’d love to know what the teapot would brew for me and what my traits might be! I can’t wait to head back to Wondria to see what other adventures lie in store for the apprentices.

Great for fans of:

  • Yesterday Crumb And The Storm In A Teacup by Andy Sagar
  • Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend
  • The Train To Impossible Places by P.G. Bell
  • The Extraordinary Adventures Of Alice Tonks by Emily Kenny

Huge thanks to Usborne for sending me this gorgeous proof box.


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