The Ultimate Guide To Growing Dragons by Andy Shepherd, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Publication Date: 15 September 2022

The Blurb

Tomas, the boy who grew dragons, is officially the Grand High Dragon Master. He’s lived with his dragons – Flicker and Zing – and grown dozens more. He’s an expert at caring for the dragonfruit tree. He knows all the tricks for training dragons, nurturing dragonfruit seedlings and defusing dragon poo. So – he has this brilliant idea. He and his friends have got to get all their dragon expertise down, in one easy-to-read place, for them, and anyone else who might find themselves growing dragons!

The only problem is – Tomas’s friends Ted, Kat, Kai, Liam and Aura are currently scattered all around the world, from Suffolk to Mexico to China. Perhaps, though, if they can get their heads together, they can figure this all out together, and create the most brilliant ULTIMATE GUIDE ever, together?

Of course, what they don’t realise is they still have a lot to learn about dragons!

The Review

Anyone who has been growing dragons with Tomas since The Boy Who Grew Dragons was released was sure to have been as sad as I was when they finished The Boy Who Sang With Dragons, knowing that there were to be no more adventures. And then, like a wish come true, The Ultimate Guide To Growing Dragons came through my letter box.

A fabulous mix of story and how to guides, fact-files and general dragon info all compiled by Tomas and the superhero squad, it filled me with joy! With the squad spread out across the world, Tomas decides it’s time to collate everything they know about growing dragons, from looking after dragon fruit trees to setting up a safe place for new hatchlings. As the guide develops, there is a wonderful narrative showing the teamwork between the squad and that there is still plenty more for them all to learn about growing dragons.

A superb addition to the series, there are so many uses in the classroom to support writing as it’s such a wonderful mix of fiction and non-fiction style writing, and a perfect bridge for children who enjoy a non-fiction read.

Huge thanks to Piccadilly for sending me a review copy, along with teacher notes for the whole series, which can be found here. Do make sure you check out all of the stops on the blog tour.


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