Cloudburst by Wilbur Smith and Chris Wakling

Publication Date: 6 February 2020 The Blurb When Jack Courtney’s parents are abducted by mercenaries whilst the family are on a research trip, nobody seems to have any answers. Jack is pretty sure that it’s got something to do with the nearby tantalum mines, but he needs to prove it. Along with Amelia and Xander, … Continue reading Cloudburst by Wilbur Smith and Chris Wakling

Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl

Publication Date: 9th January 2020 The Blurb SECRETS NEVER STAY SUBMERGED FOR LONG Swept into the bright hustle and bustle of New York, Lily, Robert and Malkin discover shadowy secrets lie beneath its surface. For there are chilling goings-on in their hotel… A strange boy held captive, haunted by an undersea mystery; and a revengeful … Continue reading Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl

Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick

Publication Date: 19 March 2020 The Blurb Who is the mysterious bloodstained man who stops their coach? Why is no one around when Lance and the rest of Year Six arrive at the brand new Crater Lake activity centre? But this is just the beginning of the school trip from hell; a fight for survival … Continue reading Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick

Spylark by Danny Rurlander

The Blurb Ever since the accident, Tom’s struggled with his mobility. But he has a secret escape: Skylark, his drone – through this technology, he can fly above his Lake District home, exploring his world from a totally different perspective. But when he stumbles upon a terrorist plot, he knows no one will believe him. … Continue reading Spylark by Danny Rurlander

Evie And The Animals by Matt Haig, illustrated by Emily Gravett

Cover and internal illustrations by Emily Gravett Evie Trench loves animals, whether big or little, fluffy or scaly, winged or finned. And, she has her very own secret superpower; she can talk with animals too. But, it’s a superpower her Dad tells her never to use as it brings deadly danger with it, so she … Continue reading Evie And The Animals by Matt Haig, illustrated by Emily Gravett

Pass Me My Axe, I’m Going In! by Dan Smith

Welcome to my stop on the She Wolf Blog Tour, and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Dan Smith, talking about researching the Viking Age... I had a lot of fun writing SHE WOLF, partly because I spent a lot of time researching the Viking Age and . . . Vikings are awesome! I don’t … Continue reading Pass Me My Axe, I’m Going In! by Dan Smith

The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game by Jon Clayton and Tim Lawler

Cover and internal illustrations by Kanako & Yuzuru The Blurb... The first in a fast-paced, funny series featuring The Stig: Top Gear's legendary racing driver. Sam Wheeler may be the new boy in Bunsfold, but he's got a feeling that all is not well either in the town or at Bunsfold High - and he's … Continue reading The Stig Plays A Dangerous Game by Jon Clayton and Tim Lawler

An Interview With Mitch Johnson

The World Cup is in full swing and children are coming in  buzzing about football every day, so I thought it was the ideal time to remind them about Kick by Mitch Johnson. Showing the darker side of money made off the back of the beautiful game, this gripping story is endorsed by Amnesty International … Continue reading An Interview With Mitch Johnson

Kick by Mitch Johnson

Cover illustration by Oriol Vidal Budi has a dream. He’s going to be just like his hero, Kieran Wakefield, and play for Real Madrid. Until then, he’ll keep stitching the boots in the factory that pays his meagre wages. While playing football with his mates after work, one miss-kick of the ball shatters not only … Continue reading Kick by Mitch Johnson

The Black Dragon (The Mysterium 1) by Julian Sedgwick

Cover illustration by Tom Percival Danny Woo’s life was turned upside down the night of the fire that took his parents life. Since then, he’s been frozen, trying to adjust to life at Ballstone boarding school. When an explosion rips through the corridors, Aunty Laura suggests Danny goes with her to Hong Kong – the … Continue reading The Black Dragon (The Mysterium 1) by Julian Sedgwick