Melt by Ele Fountain

Publication Date: 29 April 2021

The Blurb

A boy lives in a remote, snow-bound village with his elderly grandmother. Their traditional way of life is threatened by the changing snow and ice: it melts faster every year. When the sea-ice collapses while he is out hunting, he only just escapes with his life and is left stranded in the Arctic tundra.

Meanwhile a girl is trying to adapt to another new school. Her father promises his new job at an oil company will mean they never have to move again, but not long after he starts, his behaviour becomes odd and secretive.

When their fates take a drastic turn the girl’s world collides with the boy’s and they find themselves together in a desperate search for survival, and for the truth.

The Review

Having loved Ele’s previous books, I was delighted to get my hands on Melt, and it didn’t disappoint…

Wrap up warm and get ready for a story that will chill you to the bone as courageous characters, stunning settings and a perilous journey are combined to create an action packed adventure across the Arctic tundra.

From the very first chapter, we are introduced to the dangers of life in the Arctic Circle, and then we get to see how much more treacherous life is becoming with global warming changing age old hunting grounds and routes. As we immerse ourselves in Yutu’s life we see how much more than the ice is being eroded. His dreams of leaving for a bigger life a when he is old enough are tempered by his desire to look after his Grandma who is clinging to traditional ways of life.

We meet Bea as she once again starts a new school. Fed up of making friends only to leave them, she makes little effort and finds herself isolated once the popular crowd take to bullying her. Her loneliness is only compounded by her Dad being absent even when he is at home.

Yutu and Bea compliment each other perfectly, each respectful of the different worlds that they come from. Bea’s open wonder at the stunning, yet savage, surroundings she crashes into enables us to understand just how different this part of the world is.

Tackling bullying, loneliness, climate change and dreams for the future, Melt provides much to think about and discuss

Great for fans of:

  • The Last Bear by Hannah Gold
  • Running On The Roof Of The World by Jess Butterworth
  • Fire Girl, Forest Boy by Chloe Daykin

Huge thanks to Poppy at Pushkin Press for inviting me to take part in the Melt Blog Tour. do make sure you check out all of the other stops.


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