Lightning Falls by Amy Wilson

Publication Date: 26 August 2021 The Blurb Valerie has been living at Lightning Falls nearly all her life. She’s perfectly happy helping Meg and the rest of the family to haunt the guests who come to stay there at the crumbling Ghost House. One night, she sees a strange boy, Joe, up on the viaduct. … Continue reading Lightning Falls by Amy Wilson


Owl And The Lost Boy by Amy Wilson

Publication Date: 15 October 2020 Normally, I'd start with the blurb, followed by the review, but let's be honest... who wants to read that when you can just watch Amy talk about the fae characters in her stunning books, A Girl Called Owl and Owl And The Lost Boy, and enjoy a reading! You can … Continue reading Owl And The Lost Boy by Amy Wilson

Snowglobe by Amy Wilson

Usually lost in her daydreams, Clementine spends her days at school alone, ignoring the bully who declared her weird at first sight, and has singled her out for his malicious attention since. Until the day she snaps. She has no idea how she pushed her tormentor away, and is baffled by the family secret Pa … Continue reading Snowglobe by Amy Wilson

A Far Away Magic by Amy Wilson

Cover illustration by Helen Crawford-White Following the death of her parents, Angel isn’t interested in making friends at her new school until she sees Bavar lurking in the shadows, and he’s as skilled as her at distancing himself from the world. What’s clear is that are both hiding their lives from their peers, Angel her … Continue reading A Far Away Magic by Amy Wilson