Snowglobe by Amy Wilson


Usually lost in her daydreams, Clementine spends her days at school alone, ignoring the bully who declared her weird at first sight, and has singled her out for his malicious attention since. Until the day she snaps. She has no idea how she pushed her tormentor away, and is baffled by the family secret Pa finally shares with her, a secret that may explain why her mother disappeared 10 years before.

After studying her mother’s journal, Clem finds herself restless and walks to the centre of her little town, where a house she has just seen, drawn by her mother’s hand, stands quietly. Desperate to understand what is happening to her, she enters the house, where snowglobes line every shelf and hang from the ceilings. Ascending the great stairs and walking the corridors, a growing sense of unease presses on her. When she finds herself in a room in the tower, a figure in a snowglobe looks very familiar – a boy from school who now finds himself in desperate need of her help.

Before Clem can do anything she is confronted by Ganymede, the bitter keeper of the house, and is forced to flee. She vows to return, to save the boy and find out the truth about her mother.

Harnessing the power of family, friendship & love, Snowglobe shimmers as the magical story spills from the pages, transfixing the reader from start to finish.

Clem is lost, lonely and aloof as her story begins, but as her understanding and self-belief grows, she not only accepts who she is, but embraces it and uses it to face down her fears and seek the truth she has longed for. Dylan is in denial about who he is, leading him by turns to be friendly when no-one is watching, and then stand by as Clem is tormented daily.

The sisters, Ganymede and Io, while sinister and threatening, are locked in their own battles, oblivious to the suffering they are causing. The worlds within the snowglobes they created and protect, from the changing seasons and scenery to the array of characters and creatures trapped within them, are deftly drawn and as wide ranging and enchanting as Narnia.

Amy Wilson is the Queen of mixing magical worlds with contemporary characters, to create compelling adventures with wisdom and heart at their very core.

Great for fans of The Ice Garden, and The Other Alice.

Huge thanks to Amy Wilson and Lucy at Macmillan for sending me an advance proof of this stunning story.


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