The Boy Who Hit Play by Chloe Daykin

Publication Date: 5 July 2018 It’s Elvis’s 12th Birthday, and as he blows out the candles on his cake, it’s time to ask the question: “Why?” Why was he left on a bench at the zoo 12 years ago, and who left him there? With the only clues to where he came from being the … Continue reading The Boy Who Hit Play by Chloe Daykin


Fish Boy by Chloe Daykin

Cover and internal illustrations by Richard Jones Billy’s life isn't easy. His new trainers have been stolen by the school bully, and his mum is sick and isn't getting better. His escape is swimming in the sea and everything nature, especially if it involves David Attenborough. When he makes a new friend, things can only … Continue reading Fish Boy by Chloe Daykin