Fish Boy by Chloe Daykin


Cover and internal illustrations by Richard Jones

Billy’s life isn’t easy. His new trainers have been stolen by the school bully, and his mum is sick and isn’t getting better. His escape is swimming in the sea and everything nature, especially if it involves David Attenborough.

When he makes a new friend, things can only get better, can’t they? Jamie’s belief in magic cements the friendship, as Billy uncovers a whole new world under the sea.

Brilliantly written, Fish Boy is a quirky, thought provoking debut exploring everyday life and how to escape it.

I loved the relationship between Billy & Patrick – it was really refreshing to see the boys’ friendship explored and developed, seeing them accept each other so simply through shared interests as well as embracing each other’s differences. I also loved the Sir David narratives as Billy’s one stop shop for advice on every social situation, and as an escape route from accepting his mum’s illness, and the fantastical mackerel sequences really encapsulated Billy’s deep sadness in his unique way.

When communicating with the fish, it’s clear to see Billy’s attraction to their simple social structure, a feeling which is enhanced by their limited language and singular belief in us or not us. The magical feel of their meetings is brought to life in Richard Jones’ stunning illustrations, and through the typography.


Grounded yet magically surreal, Fish Boy has your emotions washing over you in waves.

Great for fans of See You In The Cosmos, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, and Skellig.

Huge heartfelt thanks to Chloe Daykin for sending me a copy of this wonderful book for my school bookshelf.




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