So, today I achieved two things.

The first was actually managing to put my socks on; for the first time this week, my feet have been warm all day. The exertion required to complete this simple task left me feeling like I’d run a marathon so I lay down and checked my emails.

And there it was, the message from @book_tokens telling me it was that day of the year. The day they torture us with the Hidden Books Game.

“Well,” I thought to myself, “it’s not as if I can do anything else.”

I clicked the link and got to work, picking off the easy ones. Then, I scratched my head as my brain started throbbing at ‘Emerald Street’ and ‘via Suez Canal’. If I didn’t get ‘Gravediggers at Work’ soon, it was becoming more and more likely that my head would explode and I’d actually need the services of one.

One by one, I got them all, checked my score and still it said 19/20. I clicked on all the signs again. 19/20.

“Where, for the love of books, was the 20th sign?”

Thank goodness for Twitter and my lovely friend, who gently pointed out the little patch of sand with ‘SOS’ drawn in it. Question 20 was in my sights. It was there for the taking. Only now my brain was working as well as my back. Which means it wasn’t.

Then my son came back from school, who I instantly dispatched to fetch me a cup of tea. And there I had it. The final answer. Cheers son.

20/20. Boom!

Here’s the link if you want to have a go:



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