My Brother is a Superhero by David Solomons

“I could have been one too, except I needed a wee…”

I picked this up with a couple of reluctant readers in mind, thinking it would be one of those books that while personally, I didn’t really enjoy, would be great for them. How wrong was I?

Sharp humour, comic plot devices stand-ups would be proud of, great characterisation, and references to comics and TV from my childhood made this a really enjoyable read.

Luke is a massive comic book fan and dreams of being a Superhero. While he nips out of the tree house for a wee, his studious, maths loving brother, Zack, is given superpowers instead, as Nemesis is coming and two worlds need saving. How unfair! 

Zack knows nothing about Superheroes or how to be one, so Luke sets out to train him, making him a sigil from one of mum’s brooches and a cape using the curtain from the downstairs loo. 

As Lara (Luke’s not-girlfriend-friend) hunts to discover the identity of Bromley’s real life superhero, Luke does everything in his notsuperpower to stop her.

And when Zack is kidnapped while his powers are down, it turns to Luke and his friends to save him, and the world.

Looking forward to getting this onto my bookshelf.

Great for fans of Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, action, humour and Superheroes.


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