It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

The children are full of excitement, the plays, carol concerts and Christmas parties are done, and all that is left to do, as far as the children are concerned, is Toy Day tomorrow. 

Every morning children run up with hands full of cards saying, “Miss, Miss, can I go and post these?” before skipping off to the school postbox.

Every afternoon, the cards are delivered to the classrooms and given out. At some point, we manage to find a minute or two to open them. And, every now and then, one gets you right in your teaching-professional-hardened-heart, even if they have spelled my name wrong – apparently, it’s deliberate…

Anyway, I’ve had a lot like that this year. Maybe the painkillers for my back have mellowed me a little, but, I think it’s got more to do with the fact that the messages this year show that my bookshelf is working.

The children want to know what new book is on it’s way and who I will recommend it to first. They want to know which author I’ve ‘had a chat with’ on Twitter. They are excited about books, they are talking about them, recommending them and, most importantly of all, reading them for pleasure. 

To see my books, that would otherwise be sat on a shelf at home, being loved by children, over and over again, brings me so much joy. So really, I need to pass the thanks on to the fabulous children’s authors, illustrators and publishers who created the books on my shelf. Every thank you I have had, is one you deserve too. I would list you all, but you are too numerous and I know I’d forget someone!

Happy holidays! I have two weeks and 14 books to read, if I have any chance of staying on top of my to read pile next year…


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