A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson


Owl? What kind of a name is that? And why, every time she asks who her father is, does her mother tell her fairy tales about elemental beings, sprits and fairies in a world of winter?

As Owl turns 13, she is more desperate than ever to discover who her father is, especially when frost patterns start appearing on her skin, ice trails through her hair and she has no idea why it is happening or how to control it. When the new boy at school, Alberic, keeps staring at her, following her and finally tells her she must control her powers, Owl is more confused than ever. And then the owls in her room start talking to her…

Only when Alberic tells her that her father is Jack Frost, do things start beginning to make sense. She realises her mother’s bedtime stories were true, and sets out to find her father. How can she tell her best friend who she is? Will she find her father? Will he accept her? Can she learn how to control her power?

A charming story of friendship and self-discovery set between the real and supernatural worlds. With strong characters, amazing settings and a plot that picks up pace as you read, this will definitely have a place on my bookshelf in school.

Great for fans of The Other Alice, fairy tales, fantasy, coming of age stories.


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