The Girl Of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

A thousand years ago the Isle of Joya floated freely on the sea, so the myth goes. A myth that every inhabitant knows. It was a beautiful island full of colourful song birds and then Governor Adori arrived, and with him, the ravens. The birds and animals retreated to the sea, while the Governor divided the island. The inhabitants of Gromera are trapped in their corner of the Island, forbidden from entering the forests and The Forgotten Territories beyond, or venturing out onto the sea.

Isabella lives with her father, the cartographer, and has learnt much of maps growing up. She is also a friend to the Governor’s daughter, Lupe. When one of the girls from school disappears, closely followed by Lupe, Isa knows she has to find her friend. But what dangers lie ahead in The Forgotten Territories? And are the myths she’s known all her life just stories, or are the tales of Arinta true?

A stunning story that blends myth, magic, fantasy and friendship with ease. Isabella’s quiet strength and resolve to set things right with Lupe, and save her family, friends and home sing from the pages as their adventure becomes ever more dangerous. It gripped me as firmly as Yote’s hold on Joya.


Great for fans of Northern Lights, The Dreamsnatcher, Strange Star and There May Be A Castle.


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