Lint Boy by Aileen Leijten

Publication Date: 13th July 2017


Lint Boy and Lint Bear live in their warm, cosy tumble dryer, but both know that they must run for safety from the light and the claw that comes with it. When Lint Bear fails to run fast enough, he is snatched away, leaving Lint Boy alone.

When Lint Boy leaves the safety of the tumble dryer to find his friend and Lint Brother, he comes face to face with the evil Mrs PinchnSqueeze, who hates everything, but nothing more so than dolls, tormenting those she has captured and stolen for fun..

Can Lint Boy and Lint Bear prove that together they are stronger, that friendship brings courage and that good really can over come evil?

This is a stunning graphic novel. The illustrations, while full colour, are gothic in style and capture perfectly the dark fairytale feel of a story that, bar the ending, could have come straight from the Brothers Grimm or Tim Burton.

I’ll definitely be breaking my own rules of not buying hardbacks and saving my pennies for this one; I know Lint Boy will be a much loved addition to my bookshelf at school.

ebook proof courtesy of Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


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