Atomic! By Guy Bass, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Guy Bass Week, Day 3: today, we welcome back Jonny and Tommy Atomic in two fabulous books…

Vile’s Vengeance (Book 1)


Jonny and Tommy Atomic are back; older, stronger, faster, and desperate to get off Atomic Island. Jonny can’t wait to start school, but Tommy isn’t so keen. Why should they have to be ordinary while Dad is out every day saving the world from Vinister Vile? With Dad too busy to take them to school, it’s left to Aunt Sandwich and Uncle Dogday to make sure they arrive on time and remind them to hide their powers.

Being ordinary when you have super powers isn’t all that easy though, and staying hidden from Vinister Vile doesn’t go to plan, mainly because Ms Crackdown treats the pupils so that unfairly…

Will the boys have what it takes to help Captain Atomic save the world? And, will they ever get to spend some time with their Dad?

Malice’s Madness (Book 2)


With Vinister Vile safely locked away, it’s back to school as normal for the Atomic twins. That is until there’s a prison break and all of the super villains escape! And the mastermind is non other than Jonny and Tommy’s mum, Madame Malice!

Desperate to spend time with her boys, she promises she will be good and not try to take over the world, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. But, the boys have a lot of fun with their Mum, and must decide, are they Atomics or Malices? Will they use their powers for good or evil?

With the best of the action brilliantly illustrated in true comic book style, fast- paced plots and a whole host of laughs along the way, these books certainly pack a punch when it comes to inspiring reading for pleasure. The character fact-files and newspaper reports add humour and detail without interfering with the action.

What did the children think?
o Please can I be first to read Vile’s Vengeance? It looks amazing!
o I loved the fights between the brothers. I wish I had super powers when my brother annoys me.
o Ms Crackdown is the worst teacher ever!
o Malice’s Madness really made me laugh, especially when they went for ice cream.
o Funny, action-packed, brilliant!

Great for fans of The Last Kids on Earth, St Vipers School for Supervillains, super heroes and comics.


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