Aidan Abet, Teacher’s Pet By Guy Bass, illustrated by Steve May

Guy Bass Week, Day 4: Introducing Aidan Abet…


Aidan Abet, teacher’s pet,
Peed his pants and now they’re wet.

This is what greets Aidan every day at school, thanks to the unrelated Robinsons. The only way he can get any respite from their constant bullying is to make sure his teacher is on his side, by doing anything and everything from taking the register to…

Which works wonders until his teacher leaves. He’s going to have to win over his new teacher, Mrs Vowel. The only problem is she really doesn’t like children. With none of his usual tricks working, Aidan has to face his fears, and offers to look after her animals. Mrs Vowel softens instantly and Aidan is once again teacher’s pet. When one of his classmates disappears and the animals begin behaving oddly, Aidan begins to wonder if maybe he isn’t the only teacher’s pet in class…

Dark humour, an evil teacher, a child in desperate need of protection and a bizarre menagerie of creatures combine to create a captivating comedy masterpiece with a sting in it’s tail. Short chapters, brilliant illustrations and a cracking plot make this a fast paced read perfect for children

Great for fans of The Grunts, The Bad Guys and Timmy Failure.

What did the children think?
o Aidan looks like the author! ~ Year 2
o I’d love to have animals in the classroom, but not how they get them! ~ Year 2
o This book is really funny. Everyone from Year 3 and up should read it! ~ Year 5
o I wasn’t expecting that ending. It was brilliant! ~ Year 5
o I couldn’t stop reading this book. ~ Year 5
o Mrs Vowel is evil! Even Miss Cleveland couldn’t come up with a plan that nasty! ~ Year 5


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