Spynosaur by Guy Bass, illustrated by Lee Robinson

Guy Bass Week, Day 5: And finally, Spynosaur!

Spynosaur (Book 1)

Spynosaur is a Secret Agent with a difference. With the mind of a spy, the body of a dinosaur, and his daughter, Amber, by his side, it’s up to him to save the world every two weeks. This time, it’s personal.

Spynosaur’s former nemesis, Ergo Ego is back with a new super-secret weapon, the McGuffin, and plans to join the world’s most despicable do-no-gooders, P.O.I.S.O.N. Can Spynosaur, Amber and Department 6 bring them to justice before Ego releases his weapon on the world?


Spynosaur vs Goldenclaw (Book 2)

Spynosaur has lost his reason to Spy. Instead of witty puns and blowing things up, he’s busy making up poetry. Amber has no idea what to do, or how to get her Dad to love being a Spy again. If only there was a worthy adversary…

When Shady Lady breaks out of prison, it’s clear that there’s a mole in Department 6, and a new criminal mastermind for Spynosaur to bring to justice. With poetry and puns flying our prehistoric super sleuth is on the case.


Laugh out loud funny, this is illustrated spy fiction at it’s very best. With villains like Fandango Scaramouch and Kills Witch, sidekicks like Danger Monkey and Holey Moley, and the action in full comic strip glory, the Spynosaur series is to children’s books what Roger Moore was to James Bond; suave, sophisticated and very, very, punny! I defy you not to love these books.

If you can’t get enough of Spynosaur, his 3rd adventure, The Spy’s The Limit, is out on 7th September. When Guy Skyped us, he definitely didn’t show us the cover, I definitely didn’t take a photo of Guy not showing us the cover, and I am absolutely not sharing the photo I didn’t take of Guy not showing us the cover…


What did the children think?
o Can we have Book Club every day so you can read it to us faster please Miss Cleveland? ~ Year 2
o Amber is my favourite character. She is really brave! ~ Year 2
o My favourite is Sergei, he’s really grumpy all the time. ~ Year 2
o The puns are really funny. ~ Year 5
o I really like the pictures, they help make the story easier to understand. ~ Year 5
o Spynosaur is packed with action and adventure, all my friends should read it! ~ Year 5
o Spynosaur’s poems are really, really funny in Spynosaur vs Goldenclaw. ~ Year 5

Great for fans of Gareth P. Jones, Barry Hutchison and Tom Nicoll.


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