Time Of Blood by Robin Jarvis

Publication Date: 27th July 2017


We’re back in Whitby for the third instalment of The Witching Legacy.

Lil is discarded on the beach having fallen through time following her last battle with Mr Dark. The Aufwaders, who saw her arrival and find Lil near dead, take her to the only person they trust; Whitby Witch, Nanny Burdon. With memories of the future that Lil has just left threatening to overwhelm her, she knows she must find her best friend Verne, who she is certain is stuck in this time too.

A new resident in Bagdale Hall has the staff quaking in their beds. With house maids disappearing, and an unearthly presence hovering over Whitby, Lil and Nanny must work quickly if they are to unveil and put an end to the evil plaguing the town and killing young girls, without damaging the future.

With help from surprising allies old and new, can Lil and Verne reunite in time to prevent Mr Dark from beginning his reign of chaos?

Darker than previous instalments, Robin Jarvis cranks up the horror with ease, building spine-tingling suspense all the way to the jaw-dropping conclusion. It’s going to feel like a very long wait for the final instalment of this gripping series.

Great for fans of Strange Star, The Other Alice and Cogheart.

ebook proof courtesy of Egmont.

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