Escape From Planet Bogey by Gareth P. Jones, illustrated by Steve May

Publication Date: 10th August 2017


For once, Earth is all quiet on the alien front, Commander F gives Bisket and Mitzy the day off. While Mitzy hears about strange goings on in Nothington-On-Sea, Bisket has a trip to the park with his owner, where a puppy reminds him of his former partner, Champ.

Their day off evaporates as they follow their noses to the allotments, where a Snot Snatcher is hunting earth creatures for The Wild Alien Reality Show, (think I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here meets The Hunger Games) a battle of creatures from across the universe. Will Bisket finally find his former partner?

With a cornucopia of cosmic creatures, and mounds of mucous, captured in glorious detail by Steve May’s delightfully disgusting illustrations, Escape From Planet Bogey combines slapstick humour, and a pacey plot while developing the characters. By the time this hits the bookshops, I’m going to need new copies of the first two Pet Defenders books for my bookshelf at school, as they’ve very nearly been read to death.

Great for fans of Guy Bass, Tom Nicoll and Barry Hutchison.

ebook proof courtesy of Stripes Publishing.


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