The Guggenheim Mystery by Robin Stevens

Publication Date: 3rd August 2017

Ted Sparks is back in another mind bending mystery, this time in the hands of Robin Stevens. With only The London Eye Mystery and the new title to work with, being asked to write Siobhan Dowd’s second Ted book must have felt daunting, but with her natural ability to bring characters to life and weave them into a gripping story, I never had any doubt that this would be a book I would love. And love it I did.


It’s three months since Ted and Kat solved the mystery of how their cousin, Salim, disappeared from the London Eye. Now living in New York, Aunt Gloria is the curator at The Guggenheim, and Salim has settled into life in The Big Apple. When Ted and Kat go to visit them with their mum, Ted isn’t sure he likes it, from the flight over to the fast pace of the city and different food. Even Kat and Salim seem different. And when he arrives at The Guggenheim to see it covered in scaffolding, it’s only the calm space inside that allows him to think clearly.

When a Kandinsky is stolen, and Aunt Gloria is arrested, Ted knows that she has been framed. It’s up to him, with his brain that works on a different operating system, along with Kat and Salim, to find the real art thief…

A thrilling page turner of a mystery that grips you from the very first page. Ted’s refreshingly pure voice guides us through his, Kat and Salim’s determination to discover the truth. His anxieties about the trip, his friendship with Salim and exploring a new city blend effortlessly with his determination to set Aunt Gloria free. I loved the way the book explored levels of right and wrong, showing that life is not black and white, and that we shouldn’t judge people on their actions without understanding the reasons for them.

With a cover as stunning as the story it encloses, this is of my favourite reads this year!

Great for fans of The Goldfish Boy, Murder in Midwinter and The Impossible Clue.


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