The Boy With One Name by J.R. Wallis

Publication Date: 10th August 2017


Jones has grown up as an apprentice Badlander, learning how to despatch creatures ordinary people believe only exist in books and nightmares, wishing he could be an ordinary person too.

Ruby has spent her life bouncing from one foster home to the next, and is sick of it. The night she runs away, she never dreamed of the nightmare she would find herself in, but the possibility of escaping her ordinary life is one she refuses to let go of.

With the two children unexpectedly thrown together, they find themselves facing creatures the most experienced Badlanders won’t take on in a bid to find a way to the futures they want for themselves.

A darkly supernatural tale of courage, friendship and fighting for what you want in life. Jones’s quiet steel and determination to survive long enough to be ordinary is the perfect balance to Ruby’s headstrong defiance of the Ordnung and her desire to be anything but. The lines between the Badlands and the ordinary world blend seemlessly to create a sense of constant menace. Add in an action-packed plot that moves at pace, magic, supernatural beings and Anglo-Saxon mythology, and what you get is a spellbinding story that held me in its grip from the first page until the last, including the additional bonus of a glossary of Badlands terms at the end.

Great for fans of Robin Jarvis, Ruth Eastham and Abi Elphinstone.

Many thanks to ReadingZone for my early review copy. Can’t wait to get it on my school bookshelf and see what the children think!


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