Saving Granny Maggot by Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by Jamie Littler

The second book in the Jim Reaper series starts with Jim exploring The Meaning Of Death.


Having learnt that his dad is Death and that it is a secret he must keep, or risk having his memory wiped, he knows better than to go into his Dad’s study. When his little sister decides to be Hairdresser Hettie for the day, however, he knows it’s the one place that will save him from the bowl cut of doom. Whilst hiding, he sees a list coming through, and the first name is Mrs Sally Maggot, none other than his best friend’s granny. He has to stop his Dad from doing his job, without his Dad knowing he knows…

A hilarious tale of magical moments, capturing memories and seizing the day, that reminds us to make the most of everyday and the people we love. I am not ashamed to say that I cried, and not just from laughing. Jamie Littler’s illustrations perfectly capture the Wimples and the Maggots as they have the best day ever. It really is so much better than Battenberg!

Great for fans of Dougal Daley, Beaky Malone and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Thank you so much Rachel for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf. Just like the first book, Jim Reaper, I know it will be read to death!


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