The Glove Of Death by Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by Jamie Littler


Jim desperately wants the new Percy Jackson DVD, but with only 40p he needs to find a way to raise the money. When his mum offers him 10p per snail, to clear the garden, he realises he could buy the entire box set. There’s just one problem – he doesn’t want to hurt them when he kills them. So it’s just as well his Dad is in charge of Natural Deaths and has a glove in his study that will do the job quickly and painlessly. The perfect plan! Or it would have been if his boring babysitter hadn’t arrived to kill snails too at the same time as mollusc loving best friend Will. As Jim goes to stop Indigo from crushing a snail and sending Will into a pit of despair, he touches her with The Glove Of Death. Can he get the Department for Corrections to undo the Mishap without his Dad finding out?

The third riotously funny adventure from the Jim Reaper series, as we see our hero’s day go from mishap to catastrophe at the touch of a finger. I love Jamie Littler’s illustrations, which capture the essence of the characters perfectly, especially the utterly adorable, yet deceptively evil Hettie.


Great for fans of Dougal Daley, Beaky Malone and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Thank you so much Rachel for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf. Just like the first book, Jim Reaper, I know it will be read to death!


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