Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul For School by Barry Hutchison


Denzel is struggling with his maths homework when his eraser jumps out of his pencil case. And then, there’s the dark shape lingering in the corner of the dining room, spreading across the walls. As ornaments start flying across the room, his escape through the window fails when it’s blown up. The Spectre Collectors have arrived. What they don’t understand is how Denzel can see the poltergeist, but with a pinch of memory dust and a clean up crew, it’s like it never happened…

Until the trash monster chases Denzel through school the next day. There’s no memory wipe for Denzel this time though – with spectres attacking him twice in two days, he’s off to the Spectre Collectors HQ whether he wants to or not. It’s time his unique ability was put to work, but for whose benefit?

Action-packed from the start, with Hutchison’s trademark humour and brilliantly depicted characters, this is such an entertaining read that had me laughing out loud. Perfect for reluctant readers to help them appreciate the wonder of books.

Great for fans of My Brother Is A Superhero, Jim Reaper and Kid Normal.

Many thanks to Nosy Crow and Toppsta for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf.


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