The Smoking Hourglass by Jennifer Bell


We’re transported straight back into the action with Ivy, Seb and Valian, as they use liquid shadow to uncover Selena Grimes evil plans aboard the MV Outlander. After narrowly escaping capture by her new henchman, they know they have to find The Jar of Shadows before she does.

Meanwhile, Grandma Sylvie has remembered something that may help them, an image on a door of a smoking hourglass. The only problem is she can’t remember where it is or what it means.

Can Ivy, Seb and Valian unravel the clues in time to stop the Dirge from destroying Lundinor?

A brilliantly addictive, page turner of a mystery. With fantastical characters and settings brought gloriously to life by both Jennifer Bell’s spellbinding writing and Karl James Mountford’s gloriously dark illustrations, Lundinor is one of my favourite places to escape to. I love the use of myth and nursery rhymes throughout as keys to unlock the mystery. To get the most from the second adventure in Lundinor, I’d recommend you read The Crooked Sixpence first.

Great for fans of The City Of Secret Rivers, Harry Potter and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Many thanks to Penguin Random House UK and Toppsta for sending me a copy for my school bookshelf.


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