Being Miss Nobody by Tamsin Winter


Moving to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for any child, but for Rosalind it’s terrifying. It’s not as if her selective mutism is just going to disappear over summer, however much therapy she has.

Sick of the constant bullying which is making every day a misery, Rosalind takes to the anonymity of social media to speak out on behalf of all of the children, who, like her, are targeted by the bullies. But having found her “voice” after years of not having one, can she control it?

Tamsin Winter’s well-rounded, believable characters, in a gripping story about a child who can’t speak out, bullying and social media, with a heartbreaking subplot, combine to create a hard hitting, humorous and ultimately hopeful journey. Being Miss Nobody tackles the effects of bullying and the dangers of social media brilliantly. Emma Trithart’s thought-provoking illustrations capture Rosalind’s anger & frustration at not being able to get her words out, and are a huge aide to reader’s understanding of her condition, enabling real emotional connection & empathy.

I adored Rosalind’s little brother, her caring neighbour and the library squad; it’s great to see the School Library given so much importance. The bullies were easy to dislike, with groupings that I could relate to from my own school days, and that are, my 13 year old son informs me, “probably in every school in the country.”

I laughed and cried at this beautifully written book, and I can’t wait to see where Tamsin’s next book will take me and who I’ll meet in it.

I honestly believe this book should be in every school library, whether primary or secondary.It has such an important message about bullying, the power of social media, and how easily it’s use can spin out of control.

Great for fans of Jo Cotterill, Lara Williamson, Lisa Thompson and Stewart Foster.

Huge thanks to Usbourne and Toppsta for my review copy for my School Bookshelf.


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