The Black Dragon (The Mysterium 1) by Julian Sedgwick


Cover illustration by Tom Percival

Danny Woo’s life was turned upside down the night of the fire that took his parents life. Since then, he’s been frozen, trying to adjust to life at Ballstone boarding school. When an explosion rips through the corridors, Aunty Laura suggests Danny goes with her to Hong Kong – the place where his mother was born – and spend some time with Major Zamora, his trusted friend from The Mysterium.

No sooner do they walk through arrivals that Danny realises this might not be as straightforward a trip as he’s been led to believe. First, there’s the man in the white suit; is he following them? Then, while at dinner, armed men kidnap his Aunty. For the first time in over a year, Danny feels himself begin to unfreeze, and tries to unlock the memories of that last fateful week at the circus with his parents. Could the events unfolding around him have any links to that past?

Packed with action and intrigue, Julian Sedgwick has created an action packed thriller that moves at breakneck speed to the mind blowing conclusion. He conjures up complex characters and brings Hong Kong vividly to life, while mixing deadly gangs, magic and mystery with a slight of hand that Danny’s Dad would be proud of. A hypnotising start to a gripping series.

Great for fans of Ned’s Circus Of Marvels, The Black Lotus, The Inventory and Below Zero.


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