If All The World Were… by Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys

The vibrant, joyful cover hides a story I wasn’t prepared for on first reading…


A little girl and her grandad spend time together throughout the seasons, talking, playing, creating and making memories that will last a lifetime.


Coelho’s words and Colpoys illustrations combine to create a wonderful tale of love, loss and making memories. It is clear to see the rich, warm, loving relationship between grandfather and granddaughter. They turn every ordinary moments into the extraordinary, just by doing things together. I especially loved her delight when he was sharing stories from his childhood in India. The celebration of their love continues through the sadness of his illness and life after his death.

If All The World Were… is perfect for helping children to understand the loss of a loved one, while reminding them to celebrate the magical everyday memories made together. Gently told, but with an emotional punch, it’s a reminder to us all that by making memories, love can live on.

Huge thanks to ReadingZone and Lincoln Children’s Books for sending me a review copy. Make sure you check out the other reviews by teachers and school librarians over at ReadingZone.


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