The City Of Guardian Stones by Jacob Sager Weinstein


We’re back in London in Hyacinth Hayward’s second fantastical adventure through London’s hidden rivers.

Determined to get to the bottom of the why’s of The City Of Secret Rivers, and find out the truth about her family’s links to the mysterious powers that keep London safe, Hyacinth finds herself whisked into another magical mystery when Ancient Roman Stones start disappearing. Only this time, the only way to keep her mother safe is to take her with her. With the help of new friends, Little Ben and Oaroboarus, can Hyacinth solve the clues and save London from an even deadlier threat?

A rip-roaring romp that drops us straight into the action, and doesn’t let up. Talking statues, cork soldiers and a giant pig in disguise help and hinder Hyacinth as she sleuths her way through the sewers and shadows of the city in her bid to recover the stones. Her dry humour is sharper than ever while her mum grows ever more confused. Jacob blends magical fantasy with real life seamlessly to create a wonderful mystery to immerse yourself in.

Great for fans of The Crooked Sixpence, The Train To Impossible Places, and Defender Of The Realm series.

Huge thanks to ReadingZone and Walker Books for sending me a copy to review. Check out the other reviews by teachers and school librarians at ReadingZone.


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