Just Jack by Kate Scott, illustrated by Alex Gunn


Having read and adored Giant, I was really excited to read Just Jack, but knew I’d want an uninterrupted time to do it. So, I saved it until I could take Jack on holiday. Once I’d got myself settled in the shade on my sun lounger I tucked in…

Ever since Dad left, Jack and his Mum have moved. A lot. To cope with ever changing schools, Jack has developed the Sherlock Code – a survival technique for his life on the go. It ensures he can move schools with relative ease, fly under the radar and be ready to start all over again. It also means that being Jack no longer means being himself, or having good friends.

When move number six looks as though it might be more permanent than the others, he doesn’t know how to go back to being Just Jack, so it’s a good job Tyler spends his days thinking up inventions to solve problems…

A wonderfully funny, heartwarming story about friendship and being true to yourself, that had me laughing out loud, and sobbing behind my sunglasses.

Kate Scott’s warmth shines through her writing breathing life into all of her characters. Jack and Tyler are a brilliant pairing, bringing out the very best in each other. I loved seeing the different relationships in their home lives, and discovering their motivations for their actions. Most of all, I loved watching their friendship grow, and Jack settle into his own skin.

It was also lovely to read about a caring, passionate teacher who clearly wanted the best for every member of his class and to foster a team of children able to support each other.

Alex Gunn’s illustrations capture Kate Scott’s characters perfectly, adding an extra layer of humour to this joy of a book.

Great for fans of Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop BoyMake Me Awesome and Radio Boy.


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