Charlie And Me by Mark Lowery

Publication Date: 11 January 2018


Cover illustration by David Dean

Martin and Charlie are on an epic journey to Cornwall, on their own. Having deceived their parents, the two set off with limited funds and no adults, and they know they will have to avoid discovery on their journey south. When Martin’s carefully laid plans collide with Charlie’s crazy behaviour, it’s a race against time to reach their final destination on time, without getting caught. But why is it so important?

Martin is a caring, thoughtful older brother to Charlie’s larger than life character, and the love he feels for him is clear. We see Martin’s hopes and fears in his poetry interspersed throughout their story, and the flashbacks give increasing importance to their current journey.

Beautifully written, Charlie And Me is a heartbreaking yet uplifting tale of brotherly love, exploring grief and mental health, within a gripping adventure that steadily builds tension, with laughs along the way, before the jaw dropping conclusion, which had me in tears.

Martin’s poems are sprinkled throughout the story adding depth, emotion and understanding of the importance of the 421 mile journey.

Great for fans of The Ethan I Was Before, The Goldfish Boy and My Brother’s Shadow.


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