Boot: The Rusty Rescue by Shane Hegarty, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Publication Date: 20 February 2020

The Blurb
Toy robot Boot has come a long way since it woke up in a scrapyard with only two and a half glitchy memories. It has a home with its robot pals in an abandoned amusement arcade, and has discovered what true happiness is – although it’s still not sure why humans are so leaky and weird … But when Boot and the gang stumble upon Rusty, an old, broken robot, forgotten in the back of a testing lab, it’s time to spring into action. Boot knows there’s something special about Rusty – but can they free the old robot and help it find its purpose?

The Review

I loved Boot: Small Robot, Big Adventure, so I was delighted to receive the next book and see what the friendly little robot was up to now, and I wasn’t disappointed.

With all the warmth and wit of the the first story, Boot: The Rusty Rescue sees our loveable little hero reach out to help another robot in need in an action packed, nerve jangling trip around the city.

A wonderful read for empathy, we see the robots show determination and resilience on their journey to understand the needs and feelings of others. The high-tech world leaves us with much to discuss about how we see and treat others, and how quick we are to dismiss and discard things that aren’t perfect or broken, and how to help people in need.

Ben Mantle’s illustrations once again bring Boot’s world to life with humour and heart. In such a high-tech world, and with a diverse range of robots these really help transport children into the world and get to know the characters better.

Great for fans of Charlie Changes Into A Chicken, and a brilliant series for younger children looking for longer chaptee books with age appropriate content.

Huge thanks to Lucy and Hachette for sending me a copy.


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