Claire: Justice Ninja by Joe Brady and Kate Ashwin

Publication Date: 12 October 2019

The Blurb

Claire is the world’s first and only JUSTICE NINJA! She’s on a mission to set the world to rights.

  • Rubbish litterers – Binned!
  • Loud motorbikes – Silenced!
  • School bullies – Defeated!

Justice never sleeps – not when Claire’s about. She’s taking down wrongdoers, NINJA-STYLE!

Evil councillors, gum spitters and rule breakers should beware…..

Because justice WILL be served!

The Review

Whether it’s a corrupt politician, a pizza-topping pilferer, bully or litter bug, Claire: Justice Ninja and her apprentice, Nigel, are always ready to ensure justice is served.

First seen in The Phoenix Comic, this is a hilarious compliation of 12 short stories setting right wrongs and re-educating rule breakers with stealth and sass. With Nigel’s top tips inbetween some of the stories, there is much to learn from this super smart, moral savvy team.

Many of the injustices are those young readers will encounter in daily life so it’s exceptionally relatable and easy to empathise with Claire’s frustrations. Fairness, equality and integrity are her driving forces when delivering her form of justice, which is very much to give the perpetrators a taste of their own medicine, teaching them lessons they won’t forget. It’s fantastic to see a BAME family taking centre stage too!

Great for comic book and graphic novel lovers, and budding activists.

Huge thanks to Meggie and David Fickling Books for sending me a signed copy for #DFBDecember.


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