The Train To Impossible Places by P.G. Bell


Cover and internal illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino

When Suzy is woken by strange noises in the middle of the night, her logical brain struggles to take in what she is seeing. Train tracks running through her house!

And so begins Suzy’s adventure aboard the Impossible Postal Service, and she’s not even wearing her best pyjamas! Deputised by Wilmot, the last Impossible Post Master, all she has to do is make a delivery to Lady Crepescula, get it signed for and get back to the train. When a voice calls out for help, Suzy knows she can’t leave the helpless frog with the evil sorceress, especially with the fate of all of the Impossible Places now in her hands…

The Train To Impossible Places hurtles along at pace, with plenty of laugh out loud moments, amidst the gripping, fantastical adventure. Not since The Polar Express has a train journey been so much fun!

Suzy is just fabulous! The self-confessed physics geek is brave, resourceful and determined as she throws herself, literally, into an adventure that tests her logical brain to it’s limits, while a host of moral dilemmas appear at every stop along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this BAME, STEAM role model! I also adored the perpetually grumpy Fletch, and the explorers, among the host of well-rounded, eclectic characters.

I adored the inventive, and quite frankly, ingenious post train, and the amazing places it takes us to. Each Impossible Place is a unique world, richly described. I would love to visit Trollville and the Fourth Bridge.

Flavia Sorrentino’s captivating illustrations throughout bring P.G. Bell’s imaginary worlds brilliantly to life. And, her cover beneath the dust jacket is breathtaking.

Great for fans of Frogkisser, The City Of Secret Rivers, The Crooked Sixpence and Nevermoor.

Do make sure you read P.G. Bell’s fantastic guest post, How to Write a Good Goodie and a Bad Baddie by P.G. Bell

Huge thanks to Fritha and Usbourne for inviting me to take part in the blog tour. I’ll be first in line to board Suzy’s next adventure. Do make sure you check out all of the other stops!



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