The Mystery Of The Colour Thief by Ewa Jozefkowicz

Publishing 3 May 2018


Cover illustration by Sophie Gilmore

Izzy’s life has been spiralling downwards ever since the Blackest Day. The day of the accident that has left her mother in a coma. The accident that was her fault. The Shadow Man haunts her dreams, and must be the reason the colours in her mural are disappearing one by one. And, her best friend, Lou, dumps her with no reason or explanation.

When a stranger moves in next door, Izzy is introduced to Spike, a cygnet that needs their help. As the stranger becomes a friend, Izzy realises that she might not have to work out The Mystery Of The Colour Thief alone…

A heartbreaking yet hopeful tale of grief, friendships lost and found, a family in the grip of depression and a little swan fighting for survival. Ewa Jozefkowicz’s story paints a beautifully poignant tale of the loneliness, isolation and fear that guilt can bring, and the need to accept help when it seems like the hardest thing to do.

Izzy’s turbulent emotions are depicted with great care and heartfelt honesty, so much so, I wanted to reach into the pages and soothe her nightmares. Toby’s story unfolds as their friendship progresses. His warmth, humour and determination not to be defined by his need to use a wheelchair shine. The two children both have life changing situations to cope with, and while at different stages of their respective journeys, offer each other the help they each need to recapture their colours and move forward with hope.

A powerful debut with characters that linger in your heart long after you’ve finished their story – tissues are a must!

Great for fans of A Library Of Lemons, The Ethan I Was Before, Charlie And Me and Being Miss Nobody.

About the Author…


Ewa Jozefkowicz was born in London in1987 to Polish parents. She spent much of her childhood among the shelves of her father’s bookshop. Her favourite books to read were Jacqueline Wilson’s heartwarming real life stories. Ewa went on to study English Literature at UCL and currently works for an educational company who support senior school leaders. Through her work, Ewa is aware that emotional welfare of students is a major area of concern for schools. She hopes Izzy’s story will encourage readers who might be dealing with their own emotional difficulties to find people they trust who can support them – to reach out to teachers, family members and friends. The character of Toby was inspired by Ewa’s close friend who is also wheelchair-bound and just as kind and resilient. Ewa lives in Highbury, north London, with her husband and baby twin daughters.


Read Ewa’s Guest Post about her thoughts on mental health issues among primary school-pupils and how she  hope The Mystery of the Colour Thief will help children to reach out.

Who can help?

If you ever feel like Izzy, there is always someone who can listen and help you bring your colours back into your life, whether it’s a trusted family member or an adult at your school. Please don’t suffer in silence. If you’d rather speak to someone anonymously, you can contact Childline or YoungMinds.


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